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Yoga & Meditation at The River Osteopathy and Wellness Centre - January 2022

Click below to upload January Schedule. Please sign up for class, very limited space, small groups only.

Class Descriptions


Monday 630pm ~ Stability Flow

A functional movement asana based flow targeting proper alignment to create strength throughout the back, hips, pelvis and core. This class may help to reduce low back, hip and leg pain.


Wednesday 630pm ~ Yin:  Deep Stretch and Release

A slow, meditative class focused on softening the deep connective tissues and muscles to leave the body feeling open and relaxed. Postures are held for 1-5 minutes. 

Thursday 730pm ~ Restorative Soundbath

Restore the nervous system and relax the body to receive energetic healing and sound. Gently guided into 3-6 poses, all supported by props and blankets, you will then slip into the silence and sound vibrations of this blissful and rejuvenating practice. Postures are held for 5-20 minutes.

Saturday 9am -1030am ~ Morning Practice

A traditional Hatha flow including meditation, breathwork, warm up, sun salutation variations leading up to a peak pose, restorative/yin postures to cool down finished with a nice long svasana.  Some postures may be challenging, modifications for all levels will be given. 

Saturday & Sunday ~ 11am -1215pm Activation Meditation Group

This meditation group will combine a seated meditation followed by Qi-gong/Energy Work and finished with a long laying down, guided meditation. 

Classes in the Community

Bhakti Flow - The Raven Heart

A devotional yoga practice that includes gentle asana flow and meditation for all levels while incorporating mythology from the Hindu Pantheon. Each class will be themed towards one of the deities and their teachings.

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