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Navigating Life Transitions: Grief & Loss

By: Jackie Davies

Navigating through grief and loss can feel debilitating at times. Our nervous are on overload as we attempt to process the loss that has occurred whether that be a loved one, a job, a relationship or a part of your identity.

In an essence, whatever has been shifted in your reality, is opening the doorway for growth and deeper love.

I heard recently that grief is merely unexpressed love. That when we hold on to our grief, we are holding on to love we never got to give.

I loved that perspective and it gave peace to my soul. While we don’t want to stay in attachment to the past, I can certainly agree that shifting the perspective to love will assist in the healing process. Many times we can stay attached to the “what if’s” or guilt ourselves into pain and sorrow. This will not serve anyone and will hinder your healing. Let go of any guilt and come back into the present moment. Take the lessons, these gifts of enlightenment—and move into love for the awareness you now have.

We are all moving through some form of loss and the forms it is presented.

How do we grieve?

How do we move on?

How can we step into this new life with confidence and and faith?

In my personal experience and while working with others, I have found that honouring the death to be monumental in our healing. Because we don’t suddenly move on once the job ends, the relationship is over, the precession leaves the cemetery or we decide to let go of past versions of ourselves. There is an integration period where we go into the process of grief. This can be done with family, friends, a support team, 1:1 and many times it’s just you and the feelings that moves through you.

There is no time frame or way to get it right. You simply get to show up for what is arising and become discerning in what you need in that moment to honour the phase you are in.

Wrapping you all in a warm hug of loving energy. We are all here walking this life together🤍✨



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