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Soul Space 

The Soul Space Collective is shifting, I hope you will enjoy this. 


As our communication skills grow, so does our mental capacity. It is time for us to start strengthening our psychic, intuitive muscles; weaving our light together in such a way that it amplifies the work each of us is doing on our own. 


This alchemical process each of us is moving through; here lies a nodal point for you to connect energetically to whenever you require strength, a collective boost or set the intention to do so. 

I am in other meditation groups like this and find it fascinating the way we can connect on a deeper level and utilize this transformative exchange of energy for the greater good.

To tap into the grid, choose a monthly donation amount to place your energetic signature into the group. Weekly new audio recordings will be available to listen for free, however, placing a donation of your choice will amplify the grid and create that giving and receiving power potential. It is in the exchange that signals to your beingness that, yes…I shall receive these codes. Dr. Usui was doing sessions for free until he realized the power of this sacred law. However, I do understand that sometimes money trauma arises and lack of funds, yet energetic support is still beneficial and needed. So in this lineage and idea, I will continue to create these free offerings, with the option to place your energetic exchange into the container. This is powerful work Master, choose what option is best for you. 


You will be able to stream from this page (Recordings will be posted at bottom of page) or download the recording to listen offline at any time. 


Each week I will tune into the group energy dynamic to channel a message, teaching or meditation for you. Recordings will be uploaded every Wednesday.


For ones that sign up, there is a members only group that you will have access to for sharing your experiences, connecting with the tribe and to ask questions.

Many Blessings on your journey dear Soul. The light in me truly sees and honours the light in you.

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  • SoulSpaceCollective

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  • SoulSpaceCollective

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quantumcreation - Jan. 19, 2022
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floating Jan.5, 2022
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Prescence & SurrenderDecember 24, 2021
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