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When we begin a coaching relationship together...yes it's a relationship ;)... its a commitment to your growth and an investment in yourself. Over our time together, I teach you how to use the wisdom of your body and emotions to repair your nervous system, heal from trauma and past wounding so you can open the heart and free your mind.








Its not your fault that you feel this way and I want you to know that you are doing amazing wherever you are at. Maybe you've tried talk therapy and feel like you're going in circles, searching for another way to heal. Maybe this is your first time seeking help and you landed here. Regardless, I am so happy you are ready reclaim your life! 


In my coaching methodology I use yogic principles and embodiment practices woven together with creativity, energy work, humour and sound. Serving as a gateway to channel healing energy through the body. I am here the whole time, holding space for you to experience freedom through the power of your voice, body and sacred sound. This type of coaching and yoga isn't for everyone. But if you're anything like me and feel the yearning towards something deeper, romantic and artistic out of life; then this may be just what you're looking for. Like those times you are scared to say how you feel and perhaps you don't understand how you feel.


Maybe the feelings are just too much so you distract yourself with work, sex, substances, food, tv, social media, other peoples problems? You were never aware of this before, but now you are seeing a pattern and not too sure how to heal it. You keep trading one distraction for another.

In this work, I help you to gain clarity and access your truth with gentle guidance, questions and non-judgmental care. When we aren't expressing ourselves, we aren't functioning fully. We get sick and don't feel good. There is a lot of fear and shame surrounded in expression, so it makes sense why these is resistance. 


The solo practices I walk you through are intended to empower and inspire you, meeting your edges and deepening your capacity to give and receive love; to express the truth of each moment. This work is very much done through the body, your emotion and the heart space. It is the commitment to keep showing up, the devotion to your practice and the listening to the wisdom of the soul.


 In yin practice we slow down and find stillness. In yang practices, we find safety and strength in a sympathetic state of being. Releasing emotions safely and integrating what you are working on in your life through breathwork, sounding and movement. In this work we are balancing the energies, archetypes and shadow aspects on multiple levels to bring harmony, creativity, freedom, health, liberation and love into your life. 


Being supported, seen and heard in a safe environment that fosters growth is powerfully healing. Living from a space of love and authenticity. Together we travel through the energies at play, unravelling the truth into the pure radiance of who you are at your very core.

I have helped hundreds of people to unlock their healing and creative potential by harnessing their voice and innate gifts. It is truly an honour to witness.


If you are ready to do the work, learn more and see if working together would be a good fit, please book a consultation call to talk more. Mentorships are 1, 3 or 6 month investments consisting of biweekly calls, nervous system regulation, genuine support and feedback, at home practices, unlimited voice note and email support in an intimate and life changing container.


Do you feel trapped in your body? Lost in the chatter of your mind and negative thoughts? 

Do you feel frozen and scared to share how you feel or your creative expression?

Do you feel so overwhelmed by the world and your emotions that it's easier to to shut everything out?

Do you struggle to relax and feel unsettled most of the time?

"You opened me up to a whole new level of healing. You are a light and showed me how to find mine with unwavering acceptance. I strongly recommend your mentorship for anyone looking to know and love themselves more".

- Kim O'Neill, private client 

"Thank you for your guidance. I've learned so much about how to heal myself." - private client


When I first heard Jackie's voice, I felt a sense of safety and warmth immediately. I am so grateftul that I came across her work in June 2021. From there I met with her and we initiated a 6 month coaching mentorship that has truly changed my life and helped me grow and stay grounded through some very tansitional periods.

She is supportive, encouraging , honest and filled with love. She pushes you in just the right ways, always when you are ready, Nothin felt rushed or forced. This was the most perfect container!

I am forever grateful! 


Before working with Jackie, I felt extremly disconnected from my body. I had extremrly painful irregular periods and didnt know why. I struggled with letting go of shame from past events and I was completely out of harmony with my femininity. Since working with her, all of those things have shifted. I now feel more empowered in who I am and understand myself as a woman. Her knowledge and teachings are something every woman should be taught! Seriously. She provided a safe space for me to share what I was growing through. I highly recommend working with Jackie! Words cannot express my gratitude!

Kelly Swayze, Sarnia ON

For those of you that don't know, Jackie has been extremely instrumental in my Spiritual Journey. She is magical and I invite you come expereince this beautful soul. Trust me when I say, we all need a Jackie!

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