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Meet Jackie

Hi there! I'm Jackie. I serve as Healer, built on the foundation of Sound, Energy Work & Yoga. I am the Co-Founder of Presence Retreats and Creator of True Roots Healing Arts: helping people to quiet the mind, open the heart and shine through sound therapy sessions, 1:1 coaching, group events, workshops and retreats.

Read more about my background and experience below...

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Jackie Davies Sound Healer Life Coach musician singer songwriter kirtan artist

Her Story

With over 15 years of clinical healthcare experience as a teacher and practitioner, she brings grounded presence, compassion and holistic healing into all of her sessions and events.


Jackie is a Certified Sound Therapist and Certified Energy Healer with training in USUI Reiki level 3, Sacred Geometry, Quantum Healing, Women's Health & Qi-Gong.  She is a practicing Yoga & Meditation Teacher; RYT-250hr: SAAT LUNE (RYT200hr Hatha, Kundalini and Yin Yoga) and DEVA TREE, 50hrYTT Nada (Sound) and Bhakti (Devotion). Jackie is Registered Practical Nurse and Medical Laboratory Technician, with additional certifications in Palliative Care Foundations, First Aid & CPR, Advanced Holistic Footcare & Comprehensive Advanced Palliative Care Education. 

Jackie began to intentionally work with the Healing Arts and Sound Medicine as a Nurse and Clinical Instructor in Palliative - End of Life Care. In was here that she found these practices to be instrumental for the patients and families to ease pain and suffering. Together with families, she worked to educate and build connections by developing a plan of care that supported their wishes; incorporating medical and non-medical interventions and holistic therapies to find comfort and peace during one of life's greatest transitions. She discovered the depth of musics' healing capacity while working with patients at end of life, expanding this modality of music and Sound Therapy into her private practice to foster connection and healing with others in session or group events.

Her education and background includes pharmaceutical clinical research and laboratory experience as a Medical Laboratory Technician, before transitioning into the Nursing field. Working in hospital with patients on Palliative Care, Surgical, Mental Health and Chronic Illness for 9 years led her to teach the Clinical Nursing Program in Palliative Care at Lambton College for 5 years. Throughout her career, she has travelled to Toronto, Banff and Montreal in Canada; Boston, New York, and North Carolina in the USA and Paris, France to meet with leaders in healthcare for workshops and seminars in Chronic Illness, Spirituality, End of Life Dreams & Visions, Palliative Care and Navigating Grief & Loss. 


Other courses Jackie has taken include; Intensive Course & Progressive Course with Dr. Joe Dispenza, Axiatonal Alignment with Cynthia Cole, Reiki Master-Teacher Certification with Kathleen MacKay, Feminine Embodiment & Expression with John Wineland, Ayurvedic Head Massage Certification, Ascension Path with Sandra Walter, Happiness Life Coaching with Transformation Academy, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, Suicide Prevention Training with Living Works, Restorative Teacher Training Workshop with Mandakani Yoga,

Jackie teaches you how to use the wisdom of your body and release emotions to repair the nervous system and decrease anxiety. Working together to heal from trauma and past wounding to open your heart and free your mind; navigating the physical, spiritual and energetic shifts in your life that come with age, death, loss and love. Through these changes and gentle guidance, you are being  awakened into your creative and innate healing potential so that you can embody the truth of who you are. Healing at the root, from the inside out. 


The foundation and belief of her work is: When emotions and energy are trapped, dis-ease in the physical body is inevitable.  

Yogic principles and embodiment practices are woven together with creativity, energy work, humour and sound healing: serving as a gateway to channel healing energy through the body. 

Over the years, Jackie has led many group coaching containers and workshops for healthcare practitioners and the general public looking to incorporate the healing arts into their lives and practice. Hosting and collaborating on Immersive Retreats and sound healing experiences are some of her favourite community events to be a part of.

Jackie connects people privately for 1:1 coaching mentorships or sound therapy sessions infused with energy healing and meditation; gently guiding you into expanded consciousness, relaxation and an improved state of well-being. In deep gratitude and honour, end of life sessions are free of charge. Vibrational Sound Therapy is used alongside other forms of energy work to bring balance and healing. At our very core, we are SOUND, ENERGY & VIBRATION. Viewing this human experience in a layered and multidimensional perspective, coaching is offered to clients to help integrate the shifts that are taking place in the mind, body, and Spirit.

Read more about Sound Healing HERE

Her ultimate passion is rooted in music and expression with a background in performance arts, poetry, storytelling, drama and vocals. As a singer-songwriter/guitarist in local folk band, JD Wales & Company, Jackie shares her creative expression as a poet and an artist. She is also the host of Sarnia-Lambtons' Sunflower Club; an ongoing creativity and open mic event in the community.

Jackie discovered these healing tools while searching for answers to heal from her own chronic health disorders and dis-ease with the intention to help herself and others find a greater depth of healing, empowerment and connection. 

Join or Hire Jackie for a group experience...


open your heart and voice in a devotional evening of mantra, music and meditation featuring acoustic guitar, shruti box, chimes, crystal singing bowls, drums and voice. A blissful and transcendental community singing event. No experience required.


come enjoy a restorative sound therapy session supporting states of relaxation, where stress can be released and healing can occur. Accompanied by crystal singing bowls, voice, chimes, guitar and other musical instruments. A gentle, yet powerful, vibrational healing experience. 

Yoga + Meditation

Jackie offers active/warming (Vinyasa - Hatha) and restorative/cooling (Yin, Restorative and Yoga Nidra) classes with modifications for all levels of practitioners. Sound healing instruments and sacred song are integrated into each session.

Sunflower Club 

an open forum for people to express their innate creativity. All modes of expression are welcome, from poetry to music to dance to storytelling.

Live Music

acoustic folk music at wedding ceremonies, festivals, retreats, and private events.

Healing together through creativity, community and sacred sound.

See events page for current offerings.

Contact below to set up a consultation or hire for your event, yoga studio, retreat or workplace. 


Let's create more love, healing and art on the planet together!

Jackie davies sound healer life coach energy healer reiki healer singer songwriter kirtan artist sarnia ontario
true roots healing arts community
jackie davies musician folk music sound healer reiki healer country girl  life coach

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