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Sound Therapy & Energy Healing



Did you know that Sound Therapy can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression?


By using sound vibrations to balance the body energy, Sound Therapy can promote deep relaxation, improve sleep and enhance overall well-being. Sound Therapy has been used for centuries in various cultures to heal the mind, body and Spirit.

Whether you are struggling with chronic pain, emotional trauma or simply looking to enhance your meditation practice, Sound Therapy can help you achieve a state of deep relaxation and inner peace. 

Jackie connects with clients privately
 (in-person, Sarnia, ON) with her unique and personalized sessions combining Sound Therapy, Energy Healing and Coaching.

Book a session today to discover the transformative benefits for yourself!

Prepare to be in session for an additional 15 minutes if this is your first visit.

90 minutes 

Single Session $120 + hst

3 Sessions $333 + hst 

Partner Session $200 + hst

60 minutes 

Single Session $95 + hst

3 Sessions $250 + hst 

Partner Session $160 + hst




Disclaimer: Sound therapy and energy healing are gentle, but powerful tools. If you are being treated for a serious physical or mental disorder, have a pacemaker, are pregnant or are taking any medications, it is important to check with your doctor before proceeding with treatments. Depending on where you are at in your healing journey, you may require multiple sessions to enter into a state of relaxation where healing and insights can occur. Embodiment practices and coaching is not a replacement for traditional therapy or medication. While these practices may have a therapeutic effect, please use your own discernment or check with your healthcare provider before proceeding. 


When I first heard Jackie's voice, I felt a sense of safety and warmth immediately. I am so grateftul that I came across her work in June 2021. From there I met with her and we initiated a 6 month coaching mentorship that has truly changed my life and helped me grow and stay grounded through some very tansitional periods.

She is supportive, encouraging , honest and filled with love. She pushes you in just the right ways, always when you are ready, Nothin felt rushed or forced. This was the most perfect container!

I am forever grateful! 


Before working with Jackie, I felt extremly disconnected from my body. I had extremrly painful irregular periods and didnt know why. I struggled with letting go of shame from past events and I was completely out of harmony with my femininity. Since working with her, all of those things have shifted. I now feel more empowered in who I am and understand myself as a woman. Her knowledge and teachings are something every woman should be taught! Seriously. She provided a safe space for me to share what I was growing through. I highly recommend working with Jackie! Words cannot express my gratitude!

Kelly Swayze, Sarnia ON

For those of you that don't know, Jackie has been extremely instrumental in my Spiritual Journey. She is magical and I invite you come expereince this beautful soul. Trust me when I say, we all need a Jackie!

"Transformative is right, I am so thankful for you and this!"

- Kim O'Neill

"It’s such a beautiful offering. So thankful for you." - Annie K.

"I feel LIT up this morning! Thank you again for yesterdays session!!"

- Katy Lyte

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